App for mobile device

Alcaeo is ready to complete the development and the relase of an application of Unified Communications for mobile devices.

The growing number of smartphones and the mobuile network performance are changing the way of communication of people also in the world of work.
Everyone of us used to take a look to emails, facebook, linkedin and many other tools while we’re watching tv, in train and sometimes even when we have lunch.
We slide our fingers on smartphones to search and call someone or just to send a short text message.
This way of doing in in the trend of “deviceless”. Many workers have already lost the concept of the workplace as a place, and them sooner or later will lose the concept of specific device (PC, phone, ..).
Everything will be available through smartphones and tablets, and this must also with regard to the role of unified communications.

Alceo is releasing applications for mobile devices that will: call, see presence status of colleagues, video calls, chat … you will enjoy all the services that, BCSBar the PC application, already offers