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Unified Communication System and Call Center for ticket booking developed for the Best Union group

The Best Union project involves a single system spread over 5 offices (in Bologna, Lugo, Milan, Rome and Mestre) for a total of over 200 operators. All the operators are provided with ‘tandem’ workstations comprising a SIP phone and the Collaboration web application. The web application, activated by logging in via a browser with user ID and password, allows the operator to:

  • view the presence status (connected, free, busy on call, diverted to external number, in a meeting, not connected) of all his or her colleagues wherever they are based;
  • control the phone (make calls, answer calls, create conferences, put on hold, etc.);
  • send instant messages;
  • search for contacts in address books;
  • consult the call diary (calls made, missed calls, received calls);
  • send faxes.

Because the application is web-based it allows the services to be used whether the workstations are Windows- or Mac-based.

The single BCS Server is installed at a Fastweb Data Center in which all the local phone lines are brought together. The various offices access the Data Center via an MPLS network.

At the Mestre office there are also 19 Call Center workstations. In order to reduce the bandwidth demand on the Data Center, direct telephone lines serving the call center are used together with the IVR application for this office.

In order to maintain voice quality at the two most critical offices, Bologna and Lugo, the Call Admission Control function was activated. This application – depending on the bandwidth available and the bandwidth taken up with calls in progress on an IP WAN link – decides whether or not to activate a new voice session.

To guarantee the reliability of the system, the BCS Server and Data Center are installed on a virtual machine.

This project is currently under development.