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BcsBar: the SIP softphone of the BCS System

The SIP softphone with the simple, user-friendly and customizable interface. Available in several versions (client, web, call centre operator), it can satisfy the Unified Communication requirements (voice, video, instant messaging, chat, desktop sharing) of every company department.


Classic is the most commonly used version of the interface and offers all the functions of Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Light allows the Unified Communications and Collaboration functions to be used in each part of the supply chain (clients, suppliers, third parties, consultants, etc.). This version requires the BCS UCC SocialWork module.

OprBar designed for contact centre operators, manages the operator status and supplies information on the queues.

Softphone SIP BcsBar nella versione OprBar per Contact Center

Softphone SIP BcsBar in tandem con SNOM

Client Tandem tandem with SNOM series 3×0: the solution for those who need to use the phone with the PC switched off.

Web Client Tandem with SNOM 3×0: the cross-platform solution for those who do not wish to install a client locally.

Terminal server with headset or audio device if the versions of TS support audio transport (an alternative to operating in tandem with SNOM).

WebBcsBar cross-platform application that allows UCC to be used on the move.


The softphone provides basic and advanced telephone functions

Call connection, disconnection, hold, blind transfer, consult transfer, conference (3 parties), interception, inclusion parking, availability parameters (deviation, VM, alternative number), second call queued, second call transfer, manager-secretary function, toggle between 2 calls, call booking, received and missed calls log, cyclical, linear, parallel group management.

Integrated messaging

The standard softphone also includes unified messaging functions to receive voicemail left on the programmable ‘answering machine’ as email attachments together with faxes and service messages.

Instant messaging and Chat

BcsBar includes new features which integrate the classic channels (voice, fax, SMS) with new methods of communication. Instant messaging allows the exchange of text messages and chat between colleagues during voice calls so that the reason for the inbound call can be explained or instructions given to colleagues during a meeting.
Instant messaging can be sent in broadcast mode to several recipients simultaneously.
A number of chats can be handled simultaneously and each individual chat can be recorded.

Video Communication

The BcsBar softphone also allows video calls to be made between users with a webcam. These calls use standard protocol allowing communication with other SIP platforms.

As well as the video of the person you are calling you can also see a preview of your own video. The video can be resized on the fly. Configuration parameters can be used to set the resolution and the frame rate of the video to improve picture quality.
(Video calls are not possible in Tandem configuration.)

Call Recording

Activating this option by means of the Bcsbar it is possible to record your telephone conversations (when permitted) and to save them in a central location for future reference.

Presence / Mobility

‘Presence’ is one of the major innovations introduced by the BCS platform thanks to the use of the SIP protocol.
‘Presence’ is a combination of three concepts: availability, accessibility and communication mode. Each BCS user can set his or her availability status (Ready, Do Not Disturb, Meeting, Out of the Office) assigning a communication profile to each one.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

You can make a call directly from your Outlook Contacts and, when receiving a call, a pop-up can be activated displaying the contact details of the caller.

Desktop sharing

Softphone SIP BcsBar: gestione di una sessione di desktop sharingBcsBar SIP Softphone: management of a desktop sharing session. The BscBar Softphone allows you to share your desktop with other BCS users. This is an effective way of working together as it allows any application, whether in read or write mode, to be shared. Single application windows, parts of the screen or the whole screen can be shared.

Ad hoc Audio conferencing

The BcsBar allows up to three users to set up audio conferences (the number of users can be increased to 20 depending on the number of lines available to each client).
For scheduled conferences Conference Server.

Directory integration with Exchange

Using BCS softphones you can search the BCS address book integrated with the Exchange address book. It is also possible, using a telephone number in the BcsBar calls log, to create a new contact directly in Outlook by simply entering name, surname and associating a phone number. The Presence status is also automatically updated according to the appointments  written in your Outlook diary.