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System for alarm call routing and emergency callout management

The Civil Defense body of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region receives all emergency calls at a single center. Alceo’s system handles the routing of emergency calls to the appropriate operative units, be they public bodies or one of the 3,000 volunteers.

To do this an interface has been designed to manage a wide variety of alarm calls classified by type, location and degree of seriousness.

The system issues alarms and sends information to different destinations using diverse media (fax, SMS, email, voice) even in Broadcast mode. It manages the different alarm statuses (advance warning, alert, all clear), the change-of-status mode and the resulting actions.

The list of people to be alerted is based on the type of alarm, the seriousness of the incident and the calendar of available resources. If contact cannot be made at one level, the system automatically activates the next level. A web interface is used to insert the address book with telephone numbers (landline and cell phone), fax, email and postal addresses.

The recording of all activation and alert events allows detailed reports and statistics to be produced, providing a detailed picture of the activities carried out. A duplicate ‘hot switch’ backup system is installed to guarantee reliability.