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Call routing system for the emergency medical care service of the province of Reggio Emilia and call center for the CUP (unique appointments booking center)

Alceo, Telecom Italia and the Reggio Emilia Local Healthcare Administration worked together to develop a 24/7 medical assistance management system.

The service manages all medical emergency calls in the province of Reggio Emilia and is able to recognize the location where landline calls were made and direct them to the on-call doctor assigned to that area. The calls are also recorded (in compliance with the law in force) and can be re-played by the doctor for verifications or, if necessary, to re-contact the patient.

A cluster of the BCS Inbound system has also been installed for booking appointments at the clinic via the CUP office; another cluster provides support for the mammographic screening project promoted by the local healthcare administration.

The solution makes use of the telephone lines connected to the Ericsson MXOne corporate switchboard which is connected via SIP trunk to BCS Contact Center Inbound.