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On-site Architecture: integration with PBX

If a PABX is already installed, or whenever there is the intention to keep the PABX architecture at least partially operational, Alceo can provide a solution which can work alongside the traditional telephone installation.

A ‘cluster’ of users can be created with access to the entire range of BCS services while PABX users are restricted to using only UCC services (presence, chat, instant messaging, ecc.).

Interconnection with the public network can be carried out by means of the existing PABX, or the gateway, or by both the PABX and gateway used in parallel.

Integration can be carried out in the following ways:

  • with the gateway upstream from the PABX – this allows the system to operate without modifications to the existing PABX (see diagram);
  • with the gateway downstream from the PABX to create low cost UCC ‘islands’;
  • with connection via SIP trunk – to interact with modern PABX systems.

The coexistence of two networks does not generate incompatibilities for call routing at the end user level.
The system can be mirrored and run on a virtual server; it can also accommodate a number of remote workstations that can be positioned anywhere in the network.