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Geographical Distribution

A company producing industrial machines has its administrative and commercial headquarters located in an industrial center in Northern Italy (Zone ‘A’ in the diagram). The company works throughout Italy with a team of sales agents working form local offices (D), a representative office in Rome (B) and a production facility in Romania (C).

As shown, all the entities involved can be interconnected by phone with obvious savings in terms of telephone costs: creating a single telephony structure is like having all the company’s personnel in the same building.

Finally, even if the company’s headquarters (A) has a traditional telephone switchboard it is still interconnected and transparent to the company’s telephony system.

This solution allows communication costs to be significantly reduced by carrying part of the internal telephone traffic (between personnel and remote offices, be they alternative offices or private dwellings) on the Internet or on private data networks destined for this purpose. In many cases a broadband Internet connection (such as ADSL) is sufficient.

The client workstations and IP-SIP telephone can be located in any point of the company’s IP network (in any office/workplace) as long as they are compatible with the bandwidth requirements of the system.

This architecture allows an intelligent distribution, within the company’s IP network, of numerous access points for the traditional public network exchange (gateway VoIP/ISDN) with benefits not just in terms of reducing costs of external calls, allowing the call to be made from the point nearest to the call destination (least cost routing) but also in terms of overall reliability. This also facilitates a rational distribution of the processing resources across the network.