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BCS UCC Socialwork – Unified Collaboration and Communication for the entire supply chain

To extend Unified Collaboration and Communication throughout the supply chain: suppliers, clients, external consultants.

In structurally complex organizations and companies, communication requirements may vary from individual to individual; furthermore advanced tools are often required to communicate with people who are ‘external’ to the organization.

An example…
In a medium-sized municipality, the municipal engineer overseeing building work has a greater need to meet and share files with the engineers and architects of the firms carrying out construction work than with his or her colleagues in the municipal offices (for whom a normal telephone is sufficient to handle communication).
From the point of view of the engineers and architects (or other ‘external’ counterparts) it is important to know when the municipal engineer is available for consultation without wasting time making unanswered calls.

In terms of communication we all have strong and weak links, both internal and external, to our organizations, and these links can be temporary.

With this in mind, Alceo has developed a BCS module: BCS UCC Socialwork. This module allows organizations to ‘open up’, providing a simple and effective tool for their employees and for those outside the organizations who wish to communicate and work together.

Authorized people can thus make use of all the functions of Unified Communications and Collaboration (voice, video, presence, chat, desktop sharing, file sharing, etc.) by simply downloading a virtual application (BcsBarLight) for efficient and productive communication.
This module guarantees maximum security as it is configured in a way that will not allow ‘direct’ links between external and internal networks.

Furthermore, using the PoaWeb application (an automated attendant application) built using only web technologies such as HTML and WebRtc, it’s possible to provide an alternative access point to the company even to casual users, with no need to install additional software but using onlya modern browser.