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Supervisor – Real-time monitoring of call center performance

This module includes a range of visual tools for real-time call center analysis as well as alarm and monitoring tools of the SLA which alert the supervisor when intervention is required.

Partial Supervisor

The supervisor has access to a mode able to limit the call queues and the users being monitored. This allows the service centers to offer to third parties (clients) a controlled and exclusive view in real time of the services offered by the call center.
The supervisor interface consists of a number of windows showing several performance indicators. These include:

  • Analisi delle prestazioni real-time del call centerClass service rating, i.e. the number of requests served per minute;
  • Number of requests currently awaiting response;
  • Total number of operators belonging to the class;
  • Operator status;
  • Wait time, in seconds, of the request that has been in the line for the longest time;
  • Average of maximum wait times in seconds;
  • Average time of abandoned requests, in seconds.


Operator Coaching

From his or her workstation the supervisor can activate Coaching Mode for a trainee operator. The mode can be activated as a passive function (listening in) or as an active function allowing the supervisor to interact with the operator or also with the client.