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Softrunk diagram

Softrunk is a software-only  voice-gateway VoIP/VoIP module made from Alceo, that provides interconnections between the BCS environment and other VoIP systems such as:

  • ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider). ITSP are telephony providers that deliver PSTN access using the IP protocol instead of the ISDN protocol. Gli ITSP hanno spesso tariffe telefoniche più vantaggiose rispetto ai provider telefonici tradizionali.
  • Skype Connect™. It’s a Skype® service that offers connectivity with the Skype community. It can also be used as a PSTN telephony provider.
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX): many PBXs are now offering VoIP trunk functionalities to provide interconnection functionalities with external systems.

Softrunk provides the following services between BCS and the other VoIP contexts:

  • Data format conversion, for example between different audio codecs.
  • Control signalling conversion, such as call setup and call hangup.

Every Softrunk instance can manage up to 128 concurrent calls. The calls can be audio, video and fax (only the T.38 protocol is supported for fax calls).