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Infovox – IVR Applications Generator

The VoIP/SIP version of Infovox HMP (Host Media Processing) is a suite of integrated programs that make up a complete platform for the development of IVR applications.

The suite uses a simple and intuitive graphical editor which allows complex and dynamic IVR services to be created or modified quickly and easily.

Main features

  • Expandability – the number of levels of the call tree is potentially unlimited
  • Flexibility – services can be created to satisfy the precise requirements of the client
  • Database interaction – the service can extract and/or modify information recorded in databases
  • Voice synthesis (TTS)
  • Voice recognition (ASR)
  • Recording of voice messages left by the caller
  • Fax support – pre-prepared documents or dynamically created texts can be sent by fax; faxes can be received as email attachments saving paper and toner
  • Email propriety support, MAPI, Internet

Generatore di applicazioni IVR visuale

Examples of services created using Infovox

  • Alert available team: technical assistance, emergencies, etc.
  • CUP Service: automatic booking, booking confirmation, information provider, availability
  • IP Bank: management of telephone banking services, handling of overdraft and debt alerts, voice recording and archiving

The InfoVox HMP suite includes two tools to run IVR:

InfoVox HMP Runtime Services – a robust, expandable, multithread runtime environment which allows an unlimited number of telephone services (created with InfoVox Service Creation) to be run simultaneously.

InfoVox Runtime Monitor – allows interactive monitoring of the services. Tests can be run in offline mode and maintenance carried out even while the system is running.