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HAL – ACD of the BCS System

HAL is the ACD application used for the selection of call center operators managed by Alceo’s Business Communication Server. Put simply, its task is to select the most suitable operator to respond to a specific request.

HAL also handles queue management and the real-time publication of all working data (number of operators at work, average wait time, etc.).

Defining the tasks performed by HAL is simple, but the parameters on which it operates in order to make its choices are carefully structured.

The BCS administrator can define a set of tasks and freely assign subsets of these tasks to each BCS user working as a call center operator. Some tasks can be taken on at the discretion of the individual operator.

Another key concept of HAL are request classes. Request classes define groups of operators by means of Boolean expressions whose operands are the tasks.
Request classes are identified by normal SIP addresses, for example ‘’. When a user calls a SipProxy request class, HAL is employed to identify the most suitable recipient.