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Communication Tools – VoIP Telephones

Because BCS is fully compliant with the SIP standard, it is compatible with all SIP standard VoIP phonesP.

Integrations have been developed  with the most widespread types of phone making the various functions simpler and more ergonomic to use.

calisto_240Integration with USB devices

This allows the BcsBar client to open automatically when a call is made or received.

Every telephone operation (dialing, call transfer, etc.) can be made from either the telephone or the Bcsbar software client.

Integration with Plantronics headsets

In this case the integration allows automatic opening of the voice channel on the Plantronics headset when a call is received without any action required by the user. This means the device can enter enter energy-saving mode when there are no incoming calls.

Integration with IP telephones

Snom phones can be used in ‘Tandem’ mode (with the BcsBar in Windows Client mode or in web mode) .

This Tandem architecture makes all the benefits of Snom phones accessible even with the PC switched off, but (with the PC switched on) also offers all the Unified Communications and Collaboration functions (presence, chat, IM, desktop sharing) which would obviously be impossible with just a telephone device.