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Contact Center Outbound

BCS Contact Call Out optimizes outbound contact campaigns in classic and multimedia modes (telephone, fax, email, SMS and voice messages) to optimize your company’s marketing campaigns.

The Contact Center Outbound module of the BCS system provides all the tools required to launch and manage a contact campaign with separate parameters for each campaign (operating hours, contact method, level of completion of the work carried out…).


This is a multimedia campaign manager (telephone, fax, SMS, email) which processes the contact attempts; if telephone contact is established, the module will decide if the right conditions exist for a new call to be made.
For telephone campaigns the Dialer module can operate in various modes.Scheda di chiamata di un contatto per il contact center outbound

  • Preview: operator-based outbound call handling. The operator makes a ‘manual’ request to the system for the issue of a contact to manage.
  • Power: automatic mode for handling outbound contacts. This uses pre-allocation of the resources necessary to ensure that, in the case of response, there is always an operator available who can deal with the contact.
  • Predictive: automatic handling mode, based on ‘overbooking’, using a prediction algorithm. This mode instructs the system to issue a number of calls which is greater than the number of operators available in a given instant.

Contact Manager

This is a module for the management of contact details, call history, and import-export data. Using a simple graphical interface, Contact Manager allows configuration and management of outbound multimedia campaigns. Using this interface the Contact Center administrator can define and plan every aspect of the outbound activity to be carried out.

The platform can be loaded by importing address book data from a wide range of data sources (Excel, Access, paradox, Dbase, ODBC, ADO) and can export this information later so that they can be integrated with the company data.
With Contact Manager you can:

  • set the operating hours of the campaign
  • configure and enable operators for multiple campaigns
  • configure and manage the results of the calls
  • configure the type of campaign (telephone, fax, email, SMS)
  • enable the view of the progress level of the campaign
  • view the progress thresholds


Interview Manager

Servizio IVR del contact center outbound

The Interview Manager integrated application, an IVR Service of the Contact Center Outbound module, allows you to view the flow of questions and answers between operator and interviewee as a graph. It conforms to the most common CATU rules for automatic call handling, questionnaire structure, campaign monitoring, and data import and export.

Appointments ManagerGestione appuntamenti del contact center outbound

This application allows advanced scheduling of agents and ap
pointments in various operating modes including: scheduling in outsourcing for external companies, scheduling by geographical area, scheduling by agent.

Easy Customer Management

This module is designed to facilitate relations with the client, it allows the call history to be viewed with details of the attempts made to contact the client. It allows multimedia documents to be assigned to outbound campaigns and real-time monitoring of the contacts in progress.


This component provides a real-time view of the working of the Contact Center, with operator check and alarm tools.

UniStatWeb Call OutUniStatWeb

The UniStatWeb statistics module comprises a set of predefined and ready-to-use reports designed specifically for the Contact Call Out module.

Report Outbound

Produces reports and analyses on the following aspects of a campaign:

  • the telephone activities;
  • the vocal prompt activities;
  • the fax activities;
  • the SMS activities;
  • the email activities;
  • the completion thresholds;
  • the responses given in interviews.

It also provides a detailed chronology of the results of the activities carried out during a campaign.