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Rec Server – Call Recording Server

Phone call recording is becoming increasingly important as a way of certifying transactions, verifying that the correct procedures are being followed, and for use in training and continuous quality control procedures.

BCS Rec is a dynamic recording system that responds to the multiple requirements of corporate recording thanks to its flexibility and expandability.

The system consists of IP-based software: no propriety hardware is required and it allows the components to be freely positioned within a company’s internal network.

A flexible and expandable solution

  • The server can be configured to record all calls or only those that satisfy selected criteria such as calls from or to specific phone numbers.
  • Recording can be activated by the operator during a call
  • An automatic, customizable alert can be activated to indicate when recording is started
  • From 2 to 120 channels can be supported simultaneously by a single server.
  • Recording parameters can be distributed to various branches of the company.
    The interlocutors can be recorded on two separate audio channels.

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Simple management of the recordings

  • Recordings can be saved as system files, indexed in a database or in the company’s email system.
  • Recordings are associated with a complete set of contact information, both standard (date, time, caller, number called) and user-defined (call reference number, etc.).
  • Simple and intuitive search tools for locating recordings
  • Recordings can be encrypted.
  • Recordings can be played back even when they are in the process of being recorded.

The Call Recorder can interact with your company’s communications infrastructure

The recording module, like all Business Communication Server modules, can be easily integrated in your company’s pre-existent communication system whether it is traditional (TDM) or of the latest generation (VoIP/SIP).
BCS Rec can be given added functionality by simply installing other modules from the suite (Communicator, Contact Center, FAX, Infovox HMP, etc.) thus creating the ideal solution for your business requirements.

Integrating the module into corporate information systems

The BCS Rec platform, based on the Windows operating system, can be natively incorporated into the most common applications used in business environments. Moreover the solution is open both in terms of the structure of the recording archive and in terms of the commands that allow recording to be activated. This allows the recording function to be integrated with management applications to provide the best solution for specific corporate processes.

The BCS suite can operate in virtual server environments and can be used on multiple servers configured to distribute the load thus increasing expandability and reliability.