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Call Center with remote meter reading and fault signaling

ASM is a utilities company which produces and distributes electricity as well as managing public lighting, waste disposal and street cleaning, distribution of potable water, and the natural gas network.

ASM Terni chose Alceo’s BCS System to handle fault reporting. The system also includes remote meter reading (with or without an operator) and automatic consultation of information relating to client contracts.
To guarantee the maximum level of reliability the entire system architecture can be ‘hot switched’ to a mirror system .

In order to comply with the new regulations established by the Energy and Gas Authority relating to the quality of telephone services provided by electricity and gas services to their end users, Alceo developed an ad hoc statistical analysis module to allow ASM Terni to monitor quality indices.

ASM Terni also chose the existing Alceo platform to indicate when employees are absent. After the appropriate badge number and password have been inserted, the application shows the number of days a person has taken off due to illness. The information collected is sent directly to the personnel office.