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Unified Communications System for the bank’s 36 branches

BCS UCC Server was installed to create a new SIP communications system for the 36 branches of the bank activating 200 Unified Communications workstations with Presence, Instant Messaging, Chat, Video Calling, Desktop Sharing, Conference, Fax and SMS server.
All personnel, even those already busy on call, can activate chat sessions with colleagues to request assistance and send/receive documents in real time.

Incoming calls from each branch are directed towards a single switchboard at the head office which displays the information from the branch making the call. When the call is answered the Presence View is activated to show the status of the operators currently working at the branch, allowing a simple and immediate handling of the call.

An additional advantage is that the ‘itinerant’ bank clerks who move from one branch to another can be easily contacted at the branch where they are currently logged in.

Other Alceo BCS components used are the Fax Server. All incoming and outgoing faxes are managed by the system.

The system’s Video Conference Service, which allows documents to be shared between participants, has drastically reduced the need for staff to travel between the bank’s branches.