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New system installed at the Ministry of Defense.

The successful collaboration between Alceo, Fastweb, the Ministry of Defense has led to the activation of a Call Center set up to assist the civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defense in resolving administrative issues.
The BCS Call Center system receives the calls and, according to the branch of the caller (Army, Navy or Air Force), assigns the appropriate operator.
The solution was completed with a new ticket creation and management system based on the specific requirements of the administration, and by an application for the processing of statistics using call data kept on a database.


Unified Communication and Collaboration: Progress and Perception

The UCC forum has conducted research into understanding the degree of adoption and perception of unified communication solutions used in business contexts.
The results:
“For 79% of the people questioned, collaborative programs increase the productivity of a company and make the retrieval of information and knowledge sharing more efficient; moreover, 67% stated that the programs improve organization and reduce communication costs.
A third of the people questioned regard the use of these tools as having an important impact on human resources management as they help to improve the working environment of the company, increasing shared participation and assisting the process of decision-making.
One aspect that fewer people perceived (only 13% of the sample) is the competitive advantages that UCC solutions can bring.


UCC Forum Award 2013

We are happy to announce that the implementation of the BCS Unified Collaboration and Communication system, designed and supplied by Alceo, has helped Best Union Company to win first prize in the Small & Medium Business category of the Unified Collaboration and Communication Award promoted by the UCC Forum.

Winners of the 2013 edition. From left to right: Mario Monteleone (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance), Alessandro Caruso (Autogrill), Mario Massone (UCC Forum) and Giorgio Lazzari (Best Union Company).

The Award was presented by Dr Mario Massone (founder of the UCC Forum) and Sebastiano Cultrera di Montesano (general manager, Alceo) to Dr Giorgio Lazzari (deputy general manager, Best Union) on the 8th May 2013.

Best Union Company achieved the highest score in its category and the second highest overall score, just behind Autogrill Spa which participated in the Large Enterprise category.

The initiative, organized by the UCC Forum, aims to award Italian companies and managers who stand out for initiating and managing (following best practices) Unified Collaboration and Communication projects.

A special commission made up of representatives from universities, consulting companies and associations selected the prizewinners.

The Best Union Company group, which works in the tourism and events sector, has about 200 employees located in various offices.

• 5 Italian offices: Bologna, Milano, Venice, Rome, Lugo di Romagna
• 2 offices of the partner company EBC: Padua, Bologna (the latter is located within the Best Union offices)
• Foreign partners: Orlando, New Castle, Singapore, United Arab Emirates

Reason for the award: “For having achieved various objectives including the reduction in the need for staff to physically move from one office to another and the resulting cost reductions, but also because it provides support for users in facilitating collaboration and improving their training. It also provides certified security measures and clearly defined data protection policies.”

More details are available from the UCC Forum website.