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Android Client

Icon of Semki Semki 1.1.0 (10.8 MiB)

Windows Client

Icon of BcsBar VirtualApp BcsBar VirtualApp 4.0.2 (30.2 MiB) Windows Vista/7

User guides


Icon of BCS BCS Technical Presentation (1.2 MiB)

The Windows client

Icon of BcsBar BcsBar User Guide (2.8 MiB)

Administration tools

Icon of WebAdmin WebAdmin User Guide (4.7 MiB)


Icon of UniStatWeb UniStatWeb User Guide (895.7 KiB)


Icon of Supervisor Supervisor User Guide (1.5 MiB)

Contact Center Outbound

Icon of BCS Contact BCS Contact Technical Description (160.0 KiB)

Icon of BCS Contact BCS Contact Manuale Utente (8.6 MiB) [Italian]

IVR application editor

Icon of Infovox Infovox User Guide (4.9 MiB)