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Business Communication Server

Alceo’s Business Communication Server carries out all the functions of Unified Communications and Collaboration, eliminating the need to operate with a number of separate tools such as Skype, Team Viewer, Google talk, Microsoft Lync etc.

Key features of Business Communication Server (BCS):

  • the software has been developed exclusively by Alceo while the hardware (VoIP phones, VoIP/ISDN gateways) includes third party devices;.
  • BCS is perfectly VoIP-standard compliant, in particular in regards to SIP protocol, and can therefore communicate immediately with the rest of the world;
  • it is also able to operate as a virtual machine.


The Business Communication Server offers a complete set of services which meets the following objectives:

  • to reproduce the ‘look and feel’ of making and receiving phone calls by offering most of the services provided by a modern private switchboard;
  • to perform other tasks typical of VoIP technology; for example, remote user support, direct calls via Internet and via ITSP (Internet Service Providers), connection between branch offices;
  • to offer all the features of a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) system such as presence, chat, instant messaging, screen sharing as well as advanced multimedia functions including video calling, call recording, fax and SMS;
  • to provide advanced applications that can be seamlessly integrated into the platform; for example, contact centre for inbound and outbound activities, conference server, etc.

The following diagram shows the BCS platform feature map.


Simplicity and reliability

Alceo’s Business Communication Server consists of a set of applications which communicate with each other exclusively via SIP protocol. This:

  • simplifies the network configuration process (firewall, NAT, ..);
  • facilitates maintenance and identification of any problems;
  • allows the applications to be installed in diverse locations (on the same computer for an ‘all-in-one’ solution, on several computers on a local network, or even on a wide area network);
  • allows the most important applications to be run in multiple instances to increase the reliability of the server or to distribute the load.

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