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New voice recording system installed for AUSL Reggio Emilia

A new voice recording system has been activated for AUSL Reggio Emilia. The system will record the communications between patient and doctor for the care continuity service (Continuità Assistenziale). All recordings are saved in a SQL Server DB and a web application is provided to search and listen through all recorded conversations.

The web application is integrated with the customer’s Active Directory infrastucture and every search is logged for audit purposes.


New automatic attendant system installed for Regione Abruzzo

A new automatic attendant system providing ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and TTS (Text To Speech) services has been installed for Regione Abruzzo.

The system asks the caller the first and last name of the requested person and than transfer the call to the desired person.

The system is installed on a virtual machine and is connected through a SIP trunk to the existing customer’s PBX.


Increased IVR lines and agents count for Fater

Out customer Fater has decided, after a year of extensive tests, to increase the number of SIP trunk lines from 150 to 250 and the agents count from 30 to 80.

An outbound IVR system with 120 channels, integrated with Fater’s delivery system, is used to contact Fater customers to confirm the delivery appointment, while another 130 channels inbound IVR handle all incoming calls which are routed to a distributed contact center.

The system handle about 4500 calls daily using also TTS services.


New CUP services activated for Cardarelli and Federico II hospitals in Naples

Two new CUP (Centro Unico di Prenotazione, unified reservation center) services has been activated for Cardarelli and Federico II hospitals in Naples.

The system for the Federico II has been installed on the customer’s own data center, while for the Cardarelli hospital, the system is installed on the Fastweb’s data center.


New elevator service status activated for Grandi Stazioni

The service provides to Grandi Stazioni’s customer, informations about the on duty status of the elevators and if the elevator is off duty, gives information on the reactivation forecast.

The service uses a TTS system and is available in two languages, italian and english.


Alceo’s Softrunk has received the Fastweb’s Unigate certification

The certification process for Fastweb’s Unigate of Alceo’s Softrunk, the SIP trunk module from Alceo, has completed successfully. The certification has concerned the IPPBX, contact center and T.38 fax functionalities.


English version of Alceo Web site

We are happy to announce that is on line the Englis version of Alceo Web site.
It will be possible to switch from Italian to English by clicking on the flag in the upper right.

All Alceo’s applications: BcsBar, Webadmin, Statistics and Infovox is already avaible in english version.


New system installed at Study Tours

The collaboration between Alceo and GGF Group, a leading company in Call center services continues successfully. GGF Group uses the platform Alceo for many years and has allowed Study Tours to take advantage of the platform by “remote”.

The BCS CC installed at Ancona at GGF Group, smome days ago, is also home to 12 operator licenses in use at the Milan offices of Study Tours.
Users of Milan can collaborate and communicate with users in GGF and with their colleagues who are still certificatede on the traditional PBX.
The netwrok link between Study Tours and GGF Group has been established on a VPN SHDSL that allows incoming calls to be received from the IVR and then transferred, according to the best rules ACD, to operators in Milan.

App for mobile device

Alcaeo is ready to complete the development and the relase of an application of Unified Communications for mobile devices.

The growing number of smartphones and the mobuile network performance are changing the way of communication of people also in the world of work.
Everyone of us used to take a look to emails, facebook, linkedin and many other tools while we’re watching tv, in train and sometimes even when we have lunch.
We slide our fingers on smartphones to search and call someone or just to send a short text message.
This way of doing in in the trend of “deviceless”. Many workers have already lost the concept of the workplace as a place, and them sooner or later will lose the concept of specific device (PC, phone, ..).
Everything will be available through smartphones and tablets, and this must also with regard to the role of unified communications.

Alceo is releasing applications for mobile devices that will: call, see presence status of colleagues, video calls, chat … you will enjoy all the services that, BCSBar the PC application, already offers


New system installed at the Ministry of Defense.

The successful collaboration between Alceo, Fastweb, the Ministry of Defense has led to the activation of a Call Center set up to assist the civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defense in resolving administrative issues.
The BCS Call Center system receives the calls and, according to the branch of the caller (Army, Navy or Air Force), assigns the appropriate operator.
The solution was completed with a new ticket creation and management system based on the specific requirements of the administration, and by an application for the processing of statistics using call data kept on a database.